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You Can’t Afford to Make a Bad First Impression

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You need a website. But all websites are not created equal. If your site doesn’t look good, function well, and deliver content the way people expect, potential customers will leave and may never come back.

A great website is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. And one of the hardest working members of your team, 24/7.

Build brand awareness.

Bring qualified leads.

Increase your revenue.


An Integral Part of Your Visual Identity

Image of a computer with the word "logo" written on it

Custom Logo Design

A great logo is a part of your visual identity. Along with color, typography, and graphic design, your brand identity helps your audience recognize you. 

Logos are available as part of the Visual Identity Package. We’ll meet together in a fun workshop to determine your brand’s attributes and the things that make you stand out. I bring all the notes back to my studio and translate those ideas into tangible elements to create a visual identity that resonates with your audience.

Strategic Marketing and Positioning

Getting to the Grit of Who You Are

If your business needs more customers and more growth, go back to the beginning: Is your vision crystal clear as to who you are? What you offer?  Whom it’s for? Why you’re different?

With fun work sessions and workbooks, we’ll analyze your:

  • Mission statement, vision, company values
  • Market positioning
  • Market segmentation and buyer personas
  • Competitive SWOT analysis

We’ll prioritize your business goals and create a dynamic marketing plan that propels your business forward.

Social Media Marketing

Reaching, Engaging, Building an Audience

To be current with the times, you need an active presence on social media. According to recent research by G/O Digital:

  • 60% of consumers visit a FB page before visiting a brick-and-mortar location or website
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from you if they find a credible FB page

It’s more important than ever to post regular, high-quality content…

Content Marketing

The Power of the Pen

We read differently online than we read printed material. Online, we skim.

Your website content has to be concise, unique, and lengthy enough to rank well in searches. And, optimized for a high rate of conversion.

Writing web copy is a learned skill and a critical component of a good website. Copywriting services in general are available as a stand-alone or as add-ons with all web packages; cost depends on what kind of content you need.

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